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Spring Septic makes servicing for your septic tank easy. We have a team of experienced septic technicians and even offer emergency septic pumping. Septic tanks don’t have to be mysterious, or even expensive. With proper maintenance, you won’t even know that it’s there. Septic Services keep your septic system sealed. Proper service will keep your system free of odors and soil contaminants. Spring Septic has provided homeowners and local business owners the best septic pumping for decades. There’s no one better for local septic tank pumping than us, Spring Septic.

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We have over 20 years of experience satisfying customers with quality services, fantastic customer service, and excellent results. We give everything we have to fulfill the expectations of the customers and more. Our services are professional, and we’re reaching out to homeowners or local business owners to let us be your septic service. At Spring Septic, we offer you not only fast and friendly service but flexibility and proficiency, as well.

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A lot of homeowners do not remember their septic system. Yes, the septic might sound yucky or even look disgusting to you. You think that you don’t need to spend money on it. You feel that pumping the septic system is expensive. But in reality, you get to save a lot of money in the long run. Your septic system lasts for longer, and you do not run into unexpected emergencies. A healthy septic system is often taken for granted, and a lot of homeowners do not appreciate this. Your septic system should be recommended every three to five years. You shouldn’t ignore it.

At Spring Septic, we know that a septic system in good working condition can save you thousands of dollars. Yes, we’re talking in thousands here. The same thousands that would cost you if you fail to have it checked and pumped regularly. Once you keep your tanks properly working and running strong, it could last you even decades. Ideally, the septic system needs to get serviced every 3 to 5 years to keep it suitably running.

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Admit it. We all take our septic tanks for granted. After all, we couldn’t care less about it. It’s something unseen, insignificant, unworthy of your time and attention. Septic pumping is actually a very important aspect within the home’s plumbing system. We understand that this may not be a priority for you – especially when it comes to finances, but you need to think about it not just once or twice but basically a lot of times, my friend.

At Spring Septic, we give you professional and quality septic pumping services to keep your tank in good working condition. Our skilled and trained staff will provide you the best and the friendliest service in the neighborhood. Spring Septic should be providing you with your septic tank services. Call us today and we’ll gladly tell you how you can extend the life of your septic tank system. Also, we will beat any written septic tank pumping cost.

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How the Septic System Works

Consisting of a tank and various pipes, your septic system is actually pretty simple. It is very important though since it’s responsible for the waste water from your home. It is basically designed to separate the solids from other wastes and dissolve the run-off into the ground. These wastes go through the sewer pipes that connect to the septic tank. The wastes then are separated with the heavy solids or sludge at the bottom. The lighter substances like fats and oils floating to the top. This top layer is called the scum layer.

Over time, the septic system may get clogged once the solids continue to build up. Remember that the system treats an enormous amount of organic waste and requires some time to properly “digest” those waste materials. This means that if you continue to push the septic system to its limits, you may not get your desired result. Hence, the need for regular septic inspections.

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As one of the top choices for underground wastewater systems, the septic system is very efficient and highly recommended. This system is actually more economical and effective than the centralized systems found in most rural areas today. Consider that the septic system readily disposes and treats your organic wastes onsite. This, aside from the fact that most septic system designs are simple to install and inexpensive to maintain.

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Why Pump Septic Tanks

Since the septic pumps mainly cover human organic wastes (your poop, to be exact), it is unquestionably necessary to ensure that everything is in its place. You should know the septic pumping companies near me. The entire septic system should be kept in good working condition and must adhere to EPA standards. One gauge here is that the septic tanks should not emit any foul smell. Once it does, then it’s a huge threat to you and your entire household. The smell means that the system is not properly maintained and could release harmful bacteria and organisms into your groundwater. Imagine getting all that dangerous stuff into your groundwater! You should definitely be on the phone with septic cleaning companies.

A routine maintenance service can go a long way. Not only will you be able to save thousands on another septic tank installation, but you can also contribute a lot in protecting the environment. A properly functioning septic tank can actually protect your home by ensuring that dangerous bacteria and pathogens are kept out of the water supply system. You are not only safeguarding your family but you are also sheltering Mother Nature as a whole.

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We don’t want anything to happen to your system before it can be pumped out so here are some signs that you need to start calling septic tank pumping companies. We know that there are several of us around but call us if you are looking for the best septic pumping in Spokane.


When running properly, you will never notice your septic system. If you start to notice an odor (it’s an awful smell) then it’s a sign that you should get schedule a septic system pumping. You’ll want to call us immediately if you notice terrible odors coming from your drains. They could also be coming from your yard around the septic tank.

Pooling Water ​

Any homeowner should know that pooling water anywhere around the home is never a good sign. If you notice pooling water out by your drain field, or even worse, around your septic tank, you need to call a septic pumping company. Remember that all areas around your septic tank should remain free from any wastewater as long as the system is operating correctly.

Slow Drains​

Do your pipes make gurlging sounds? Have you noticed sink or bathtub taking a long time to drain? When you start to notice that any toilet or any drain is slowing down it is usually a sign that the septic tank needs to be pumped.​

Sewage Backup​

This one seems the most obvious, but the possible thing that can happen with a septic system... Raw sewage backing up into your home. If wastewater is backing up into your toilets, bathtubs, sinks or anywhere in your home, you have an emergency septic situation. Call Septic Pumping Spokane today thougha and we will get your septic system pumped out and avoid any costly backups.​