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Grease Trap Pumping

Grease Trap Pumping

Reliable Grease Trap Pumping Service

A significant source of fats, oils and grease (FOG) is in restaurants and other food services establishments. If FOG is not properly disposed of, the drainage pipes form a thick layer of grease, obstruct flow and cause pollution, and flooding. This can result in having to shut your business down in peak operating hours, lost revenue, and preventable, costly grease trap repairs. More importantly, we need to protect the public against any possible sewage threats and to cut costs incurred by blocked sewer lines, it is necessary to maintain the FOG removal system properly. This is why Grease Trap Pumping is so important.

Grease trap pumping removes the grease before you have a clog. A grease trap intercepts wastewater containing grease and oil in kitchens before it passes into the drainage pipes. This system is highly effective because fat and oil are not as dense as waters. The grease will float on top of it. Spring Septic catches this grease with a number of baffles, which must be removed once the grate accumulation has become too dense.

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Spring Grease Trap Pumping

Our professionals can perform high-level repairs of any kind on your grease traps. Grease Trap Maintenance of the grease interceptor (GI) is the separation of both liquids and solids and proper treatment. We are compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. The fats and oil leakage into a drainage system is significantly reduced by the proper and sufficient size of the grate interceptor and traps maintenance.

The required maintenance level for graft interceptors and traps is heavily dependent upon the quantity of FOG generated by a facility and any Best Management Methods (BMPs) the institution uses to mitigate discharges of FOGs into its sanitary sewer network. In many cases, a company that implements BMPs benefits financially by reducing the required frequency of graft interceptor and trap maintenance.

When it comes to your business, you want the best to do your grease trap cleaning. Our specialists can also help determine the frequency of cleaning you need. Spring Septic not only shows up on time to do quality work, but we also go above and beyond to be sure your grease trap continues to perform optimally. Your business won’t have to stop for any maintenance issues. Stay on track with Spring Septic at (281) 747-8383. Grease Trap Service should be done every three months, however, if you run a busy kitchen you may need it every month. We can set you up on a schedule based on your grease trap demands, so you can go about your business without a worry.

Spring Grease Trap Pumping​
Grease Trap Pumping Spring TX​

Grease Trap Pumping Spring TX

Our team offers commercial septic services with Spring Septic. Most companies like restaurants and other foodservice providers require daily cleanups for grease traps. It should be important to keep your lines free of clogs if you want your commercial kitchen to serve you well. A clogged grease trap can halt your business. Call Spring Septic before it impacts your customers or bottom line to avoid this problem.
The common types of commercial grease traps are grape traps with compact passive hydro-mechanical grade traps, automatic oil and grease filtering devices, and pre-cast concrete gravity grade interceptors. No matter which type of grease trap you have, Spring Septic has experts knowledgeable with each type of grease trap. Give us a call now to schedule your cleaning or repair at (281) 747-8383.


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