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Grease Trap Service​

Grease Trap Service

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An important component of all restaurants is a grease trap. Your plumbing will run smoothly, removing fats, oils, greases, and solids. Most cities require the installation of a grease trap in their commercial kitchens by foodservice providers. You may face fines or even a suspension if you do not cooperate as this can result in a complete backup and safety concerns.

It is important to keep these grease traps working because if it fails it may even halt your business even in peak hours. This results in loss of revenue and preventable grease trap repairs. If you fail to schedule regular Grease Trap Cleaning Services, your grease trap can cause damage to drainage, sewers, and water quality.

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Grease Trap Service Spring TX

It’s important to limit the strain on your local wastewater treatment plant. It is actually in everyone’s best interest. This is why you are required to have a grease trap. Think of a grease trap as a chamber that connects to the rest of your lines. This chamber collects all the fats, oils and grease (FOG) that enters it up, while the solids sink down. It only allows pollutants to flow into the wastewater treatment plant.

The FOGS (oils, fats, and solids) are the products we want to avoid leaking into the sewage system. Unfortunately, they are highly effective in getting out. To prevent this from occurring you must keep your grease trap clean with Spring Septic. Call to schedule your appointment with us today (281) 747- 8383, and we can keep things running smoothly in your kitchen.

If you wait too long between grease trap pumping, then it may be too late. If your grease trap is too full it will be ineffective at collecting the grease. This is where all the problems occur here. If you have a busy kitchen at a popular restaurant, you may need more frequent cleanings. If you are unsure how often your kitchen will need one it is best to call the pros at Spring Septic at (281) 747- 8383. Some grease traps need maintenance when one quarter is complete, but each system is different. This is prudent to take into account when setting up a routine grease trap maintenance schedule. Just how quickly the grease trap fills your restaurant before you need cleaning is crucial. Many companies require care every month, and some can be pumped and washed for up to 3 months. Some companies need to be serviced even more frequently. It all depends on how much grease and fat your business creates.

Grease Trap Service Spring TX​
Spring Grease Trap Service ​

Spring Grease Trap Service

Spring Septic specializes in removal of all your FOGS. What a great way to prevent it from entering the sewer system? We don’t just remove the grease and fat as you might expect. Our detailed technicians go above and beyond and clean the chamber too. You don’t have to worry about our trusted company. We perform high quality jobs aiming to do it right the first time. We also try to ensure your equipment runs smoothly by recommending more frequent cleanings if needed or save you money if we notice you are not building up as much grease requiring the current maintenance schedule that your business is on. We are able to clear up the grease trap with our high-pressure jetting services. Don’t worry no grease trap cleaning service is too big or small for Spring Septic. Give us a call today to get your restaurant on the right path, (281) 747- 8383.

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Pumping and cleaning grease traps is not a job to postpone to another day. Luckily, if you call Spring Septic, you don’t have to. We will get you scheduled as soon as possible into our service line, because we know how important it is. Get your kitchen back online to minimize the risk of flooding. What are you waiting for? Dial (281) 747-8383 for Spring Septic.


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